CV Advice

The Global Interface rough guide to putting together a functional, concise but eye-catching CV.

  • Limit the Document to 2 pages (if at all possible).
  • Personal details should be kept to a minimum but essential personal details should be prominent.
    • Name.
    • Location (address).
    • Nationality (Work permit details if appropriate).
    • Current Salary.
    • Salary Requirements.
    • Qualifications and certification.
    • Foreign Languages spoken.
  • A brief and interesting synopsis of your skills and experience should appear on the front page, in the form of a personal profile
  • Each position that you have held should be described briefly with relevant dates, and your specific responsibilities, and personal achievements should be highlighted.
  • Technical CVs – Technical Skills and Training courses attended are vital and should be included within a dedicated section of the CV.
  • Sales CVs – Targets, average order values, significant sales successes and performance against target are vital and should appear prominently.