Market Expertise

As a specialist International Recruiter, Global Interface focuses on providing skilled personnel with expertise in specific market sectors. We firmly believe that by channelling our efforts in this way, our clients can depend on our in-depth knowledge of their market to identify individuals who are likely to be successful in their environment, and who can add value to their organisation.

We principally recruit on behalf of the supply side of the IT Sector, and as a result we partner exclusively with Global Software vendors, consultancies and systems integrators within the following market sectors:

Call Centre Technology:

Call centres are now an established part of many organisations business infrastructure, and the associated Technology is as vital to the success of the call centre as the agents who manage the calls.

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Customer Relationship Management:

Since the birth of Customer Relationship Management software, organisations have embraced the idea of better understanding their customer data in order to improve their sales, servicing and support methodologies.

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Master Data Management

The increase in demand for Master Data Management solutions has grown progressively, as organisations seek to build stronger relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers.

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IT Security

Information security is a highly sensitive yet vital issue for enterprises and governments across the Globe.

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