Executive Search and Selection

  • First and foremost we will spend time gaining a thorough brief on the role/s in question and familiarising ourselves with all aspects of your organisation. Only by doing this do we feel we can credibly promote your company to potential candidates.
  • In close consultation with yourself, we will compile the copy, and produce an advertisement, alongside a recommended short-list of publications.
  • We will negotiate with the chosen publications and place the advertisements on your behalf.
  • All advertising response will be handled by ourselves. We will assess the suitability of each of the candidates by evaluating their skill set against your role specification.
  • All short-listed candidates will then be interviewed by ourselves prior to their inclusion on a short-list.
  • We will present a short-list of high calibre candidates for interview. All CVs will be submitted to you at this stage, alongside a frank and thorough profile about each candidate from our professional perspective.
  • Finally we will present all offers to selected candidates, organise contract negotiations and finalise all aspects of the recruitment process.