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If you secure the right person in the right career at the right time, the business benefits are invariably significant, immediate and measurable.
If you get the wrong person in the wrong job however, then it is not only your productivity and profitability that will suffer, but your Company culture and staff retention rates are certain to be affected in a big way.

So why do so many organisations place so little emphasis on getting the recruitment process right?

We at Global Interface are firm believers that your people ARE your business, so employing and retaining the right people is of paramount importance.
Equally we believe that your next career move is a major factor in your life, and you should therefore be allowed to make considered and informed decisions to ensure you get it right.
We are the vital interface between Company and future employee, and we see our role as the facilitator to you both getting it right.
Global Interface specialises in providing experienced, high calibre personnel to the following sectors of the Global Software Market.

*Master Data Management * CRM * IT Security * Call Centre Solutions *