Master Data Management

The increase in demand for Master Data Management solutions has grown progressively, as organisations seek to build stronger relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers. Gaining a single view or master record of the customer has proven increasingly difficult when so many companies run separate client databases for vital functions like CRM, HR and finance. The increase in mergers and acquisitions has further complicated the landscape as Companies seek to integrate disparate IT systems.

Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration solutions eliminate these issues by providing a bridge or hub, where all records can be stored, checked, cleaned and merged.

MDM offers organisations the opportunity to break down the walls of typical corporate silos.  Complying more simply with ever-growing government regulation and compliance, increasing revenue by becoming more customer-centric, and saving money through higher efficiency and the consolidation of out-dated systems.

Global Interface has been involved in recruiting for the MDM sector since it’s evolution, and now possesses an in-depth knowledge of the associated technologies within this thriving market sector, (including Data quality, data integration, ETL, data warehousing, data governance and business intelligence) and the skills required of personnel involved within it.